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Talent Management & Succession Planning in the Work Environment Assignment

Talent Management & Succession Planning in the Work Environment - Assignment ExampleIn rescript to achieve the above functions, proper and reliable communication structures atomic number 18 also paramount.It is often said that the strength of a team or an organisation in general, lies in the diversity of its workers, which in this case is defined by the existing differences in knowledge, talents and innovativeness among each other. In addition, it can create and nurture new talents to advance those that are retiring and transferring from their jobs.This paper focuses on talent management and succession planning, and how these processes are conducted in channeles in their bid to remain competitive and successful. It also examines a case study to identify how these practices are designed and implemented by Apple Company.Current advancements in the business organization world require that business give in reliable human capital in order to maintain their excellence and better perf ormance. The advancements include changes in information and technology, competition strategies and methods of successful business management. In this understanding, human resource managers in organisations have to work closely with the top management in order to attract, hire, develop and retain talents. However, despite these efforts, skills shortages in the current business environment continue to present both socio-economic and cultural challenges as talent crosses borders in industries globally.Analysis of human resource trends and skills are necessary in businesses because of the shifting demographic patterns, international and global supply chains, an aging workforce as well as occupational mobility. For this reason, human resource managers are expected to devise effective strategies in harnessing and managing their talents (Cheese and Robert 11-12). The success of talent identification and management approaches places organizations in better positions to establish themselve s firmly in the changing business environment, both locally as well as on a global

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Summaries Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Summaries - Assignment ExampleThe author claims that science does not end with one discovery, because a saucily finding often leads to further questions which serve as a new challenge for scientists. The article outlines the four-step process undertaken by scientists to come up with new theories. The scientific process always starts with a fruitful question. A fruitful question is a question which in spite of taking into consideration everything known slightly the object or event, still crops up and remain a mystery about such object or event (The scientific extract of estimate 399). After identifying a fruitful question, the scientist comes up with several hypotheses that ar possible answers to the questions. These hypotheses are then tested, either through laboratory experiments or through scientific observations. If a hypothesis is proven to be true, then it will be considered as a theory. The fourth stage follows which is known as the question twine because afterward comin g up with a scientific theory, new questions come up that will again go through the scientific process. One stick out therefore say that the scientific process is a cycle because it goes on and on. ... The arguments enumerated by the author are clearly presented in the essay. First, he asserts that prostitution provides phone line opportunities for women. It pays more than the other lowly jobs such as servants and factory workers (Enough already, its time we decriminalize prostitution 437). Furthermore, based on his interviews with prostitutes, some of these women freely chose to become prostitutes and are happy with their jobs. The author also argues that the decriminalizing prostitution offers safeguards to both the prostitutes and their clients. Problems such as sexually-transmitted diseases and low rates are better addressed. Prostitutes get police protection. Clients obtain a sense of security because prostitutes are required to register with the authorities and they undergo medical testing. The author professes that criminalization of prostitution is worse. He cites Swedens experience after it criminalized commercial sex in 1998. He says that the rates became lower, clients were fewer and there were more incidences of violence. The author concludes by stating that people should not make hasty generalizations by saying that sex workers are victims and all clients are demons (Enough already, its time we decriminalize prostitution 437). He goes on further to say that people should not be moral judges and instead be more honest on the issue of prostitution (Enough already, its time we decriminalize prostitution 437). Improvements Made and Principles Discovered by these exercises one has learned that in summarizing articles, it is important first to state the title and author. One must also identify the main thesis of the article and state

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Nuclear Program of North Korea Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Nuclear Program of North Korea - Essay ExampleFirst of wholly, North Koreans could be trying to create a new relationship with the United States. On the opposite(a) hand, this kingdom could hit been engaging in such a program in order to warn the United States. (Coughlin, 2000)In feature during the past, some people have asserted that the reason why North Korea has been doing this is so that they could foster trade agreements or other economic aids. On the other hand, the west would have the ability to restrain weapons made by past communist governments in North Korea. Not all people believe that this is the latter statement is the truth but it is difficult for one to determine whether it is the former assertion that is more convincing than the latter. (Niksch, 2002)It should be historied that North Korea has given its arguments in the past for engaging in nuclear programs. They asserted that there was a need to protect themselves from any sort of attack especially from Japan , South Korea or even the United States. The North Koreans assert that they have no way of fully understanding what the real intentions of the US and other countries are towards them. Consequently, the nuclear program is a way in which North Korea can deter the security threat that can be presented from any of the higher up countries. While members of this country feel that this could actually be a valid argument, one cannot help but notice how insufficient it is. All the latter mentioned countries have communicated their intentions to North Korea consequently, it becomes very difficult to know whether North Koreas arguments hold water or not. (Minchoel, 2003)Relevant historical informationThe nuclear program began as uttermost back as the early nineteen sixties. At that time, the North Korean government felt that there was a need to create a garrison around North Korea by militarizing this country. This decision led to the creation of an atomic energy complex. (Bill, 2001)The co untry obtained students who had received their education from the Soviet and it latter placed them in training programs located at Yongbyon. At that time, the country opted to create a nuclear research centre to be located in the latter mentioned town. Here, the country was working hand in hand with the Soviet to carry out their nuclear related activities. (Albright & ONeill, 2001)It should be noted that in the year 1965, the Soviet built a research reactor on behalf of the North Korean centre. This was the year which marked a steady supply of nuclear enriched fuel elements that were supplied to the North Korean region. This pattern of cooperation continued between the Soviet and North Korea until 1973. It should also be noted that the latter program could continue quite successfully owing to the fact that there are about four million tons worth of uranium found in North Korean mines.During the nineteen Seventies, North Korea for the most part focused on the process of understandi ng the nuclear fuel cycle. Here, they dwelt on converting, refining and fabrication of this element. Also, in that decade, North Korea was particularly effective in creating a nuclear reactor that closely resembled that one in the Soviet and other related countries through a

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GASB and FASB Accounting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

GASB and FASB Accounting - Essay ExampleWhereas FASB has the objective to establish and improve standards for financial accounting and reporting that will help in guiding and educating reality including auditors and other users of financial statements.GASB was constituted in 1984 to succeed National Council on Government Accounting as a standard-setting body for state and local governmental bodies, whereas FASB issues standards and other pronouncements for entities other than governmental bodies. However, when there are no pronouncements on certain issues from GASB, the pronouncements issued by the FASB shall become applicable to governmental bodies as well. So furthest as business organizations are concerned, they have to abide by the standards issued by FASB. Non- business organizations, non- government organizations follow FASB and the government organizations come under the domain of GASB.GASB is in truth specific to state legislature while issuing pronouncements. FASB, on the o ther hand, issues pronouncements that are universal and cater the business on a federal basis. In fact FASB receives many requests for action on various financial accounting and reporting topics from all segments of its diverse constituency, including investors and the SEC. The auditing profession is sensitive to emerging trends in practice, and consequently, it is a frequent source of requests. Requests for actions include both new topics and suggested review or reconsideration of existing pronouncement.(Facts about FASB, page 1)It is believed that governments need not show earnings like other financial entities.

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Federal emergency grant Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

Federal fate grant - Essay ExampleThis outage affected the fire discussion sections emergency radio for a while (Thomson, 2009).Activation of the citys emergency operation center during the power outage helped the city restore closely of the vital services in a short time. Since then, measures to deal with emergencies in San Marcos are continually under implementation. Some are already in rehearse include the emergency radio station (San Marcos 1610 AM) set up in 2011 which serves the purpose of informing residents on emergency incidents. It is also a long-term work advisory for the community and comes handy in giving notifications. It has become a vital part of the community and its integration to the system has been smooth and efficient.The part of fire, in this case, has been proactive on the weed abatement program. This program ensures that there is defensible space between the urbanized populated area and the wild land in case of wildfires. Property owners have been suppor tive in helping the fire department clear the hazardous vegetation on their property. The fire department responded to everywhere seven thousand emergency calls of which seventy percent were medical related. After receiving the message from dispatch, the department took an average of four minutes and some seconds to arrive. The federal emergency grant that San Marcos has been receiving made all these improvements possible (Thomson 2009).San Marcos district has a remarkably well laid out plan for emergencies. The council encourages people to take self-help classes in social club to teach themselves how best to respond to an emergency. The community also provides information on handling any emergency. This is available to the popular through the internet and media.The fire department has been more involved in emergency response and prevention than many other departments in the district. It recently held any open day to educate the public on fire prevention techniques. The

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Enterprise Risk Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Enterprise Risk Management - Essay ExampleThe reason lies in that it lacks the integrated approach to the management of risk which characterises enterprise risk management. It is simply for this reason that regulators in Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, and other developed countries have issued rules and guidelines that advocate an enterprise-wide approach to risk management, further pushing many companies to adopt ERM (Kleffner, downwind and McGannon, 2003). Quite simply stated, the drive towards the credence of ERM, as opposed to RM is due to the fact that the integrated approach adopted by the former, and which is absent within the linguistic context of the latter, is regarded as a to a greater extent effective and efficient approach to risk management. With that being the case, as this research will argue, the real question relates to the reasons why more corporations do not adopt ERM, as opposed to RM.In order to properly determine the reasons why ERM i s considered superior to RM, it is important to define each of the both terms. These definitions will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of either approach and allow for a greater understanding of differences between them.Enterprise risk management has become a significant topic for larg... It provides an active, vital and comprehensive modelling approach for integrating all financial decisions and risks. This includes investment decisions, borrowing policies, liability, and fortuneting of lasts (Kleffner, Lee and McGannon, 2003).The comprehensive management of risks and the adoption of an integrated approach to risk management has several benefits. An enterprise with fully diversified losses requires much less upper-case letter than an enterprise with concentrated worst-case losses. In turn, the anticipated profitability of the company is affected by the degree of diversification since a reduction in capital will increase expected profits. The goal of ERM is to maximiz e the firms overall profit, while maintaining its enterprise risks at acceptable trains (Mudge, 2000).Insurance companies, for example, should analyze their major risks so that adequate capital exists at the firm level to pay insurance policyholders in the event of legitimate insured losses. The desired level of capital depends upon the severity of claims. And since these claims be a direct function of hit-or-miss events, the insurance company must calculate a distribution of losses for its entire operations in order to set the proper level of firm-wide capital (Doherty, 2000). Due to this, Meulbroek (2002) insists that regulatory bodies should check these systems in order to validate that the risk management strategies are reasonably well developed and consistent with current approaches and practice. The firm-wide models are also known as Dynamic Financial Analysis. An ERM system consists of three primary elements. These are 1) a stochastic model for projecting a set of scenario s of the future --the scenario

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Executive summaries of The Accounting Wizardry Behind Banks Strong Essay

Executive summaries of The Accounting Wizardry Behind Banks Strong Earnings - Essay ExampleThis followed after(prenominal) a further review of the latter. It was noticed that up to 31% of JPMs mesh of the financial year 2013 averaging $5.6 billion and 10% of WFCs profits gained the aforementioned(prenominal) year amounting to $2.2 billion were not realistically earned. That money accrued came from the two banks loan-loss reserves.Loan-loss reserves, as mentioned, are set aside by the banks lenders effrontery a financial crises is prevalent or when the U.S. economy is on the worst side. This goes hand in hand with the inflation projections on the economy with consumers experiencing hard multiplication in financing their mortgages, credit card bills and other loans. Evidently, according to Josh Rosner, a Graham Fisher industry analyst based in new(a) York, running out of reserves makes it in order to cuts costs on loans. It is imperative to note that one of the effects of this is the depreciation in the growth in revenue.Bank of America (BOA), which is ranked fourth among the largest American banks, flaunts turning losses into profits as a result of offsetting the loan-loss reserves. Since 2010, BOA had accrued losses of up to $11.8 billion, but from embracing change, it has surpassed all the setbacks and seen profits up to $11.4 billion on the better side. Additionally, Citigroup (C), which reported enormous profits of $40.4 billion about the same time, would redeem gained half of what their income was disregarding the accounting benefits. Evidently, when BOA was relying on reserves, profits were not well off in comparison to when they would not have used the ascension from the reserves. In 2009, BOA would have realized profits of up to $55 billion were it not for the $48.6 billion reserve money they owed. On the same breathe, profits from other banks, which relied on their reserves during inflation were affected accordingly.It was noted that despite bank earnings poor performance, investors notably still embraced